Thursday, March 27, 2014

Here's the link to a comprehensive document on how to prepare for this exam (with the new pattern). It has been created by my batch-mates. This would be helpful for new aspirants in gaining a perspective :


  1. Thanks For preparing a very helpful PDF!!!
    I m interested in IIS services n m preparing for UPSC exam..
    it would be great if u can help me to know more about IIS officer profile..
    Waiting for reply..

  2. hi kshitij sir,

    thanks a lot for the documents. extremely helpful for beginners like me.
    i have some queries.
    1. since its almost 2 years you have joined Foreign service. Kindly share your experience of these two year. what you learnt so far.. what challenges you faced... & how do you compare IFS with IAS.
    looking forward to your valuable response.
    thank you

  3. hello si r, thanxx for such a wonderful blog . i am hopeful of writing mains this year and i am starting sociology preparation for the first time . please suggest selective reading from eso and mso ignou and some word of guidance in light of changing pattern of sociology mains papers 1 n 2 and limited time availability .
    and please fulfill your old promise of sharing your notes on 10 year question .pardon me is you have shared at some other place . you commented somewhere -
    {I didn't practise answer writing per se but I did make thought frameworks for previous years' questions in my notes. I shall try to get some scanned and upload here. }
    thanxx in anticipation :)