Monday, May 21, 2012

GS strategy

Since I ended up getting much less than expected in GS, I would suggest the following link for GS strategy (Mr. Kannan Gopinathan, Rank 59 - He has scored 272 in GS)


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  2. Hi Kshitij,

    Hope you are doing good. As mentioned by Anonymous the strategy of Mr. Kannan Gopinathan is bit lengthy so would like to hear from you regarding your strategy. Appeared for prelims yesterday and hopeful for it. Just one random question out of league what was your score in prelims paper 1 and paper 2 last year?(I am sure that you would have definitely calculated your score).

    Also I really liked your article IT SEEMS THE THREE HOURS HAVE FINALLY PAID OFF......

    Utkarsh Mishra

  3. @ Anonymous - well, I feel he certainly deserved it after the amount of hard work he had put in. Nevertheless, I shall post my GS strategy as well.

    @ Utkarsh - I was getting 120 in paper-1 and 175 in paper-2 (minimum). Thanks for your appreciation.

  4. From which month you started taking points from The Hindu for prelims in month of may and for mains ?

  5. thanks Kshitij..impressed with ur blog..aspiring IAS and follower of ur blog..thanks..

  6. hellllllo sir i need ur help