Monday, May 14, 2012

My Essay

TOPIC - In the Indian context, both human intelligence and technical intelligence are crucial in combating terrorism

This was my introduction

Men and women often take great pride in having been able to forge the sword of technological evolution in their quest to rule nature. Little did they realise that in the process, they would end up gashing their own hands, and hearts. The wounds run deep and the only cure is the ever so elusive admixture of peace, harmony and cooperation. One such wound is the emergence of the hydra-headed demon called terrorism.

This was my conclusion
Pablo Picasso once remarked - "Unless you destroy, you cannot create." What we need in this ominous hour are not correction slips but transformative changes in our security architecture and social, economic and political outlook. The objective is to enable harmonious interplay of human and technical intelligence to effectively curb this menace. With a youthful population and a demographic dividend in the offing, one can certainly be hopeful that vox populi would rise to the occasion and drive the shining diamond that is India, into a realm where winds of peace and prosperity blow about freely and the dark clouds of terrorism, in absence of any raisons-d'etre, are dissipated forever.

This is how i approached the topic

1. emergence of terrorism as a hydra headed demon
2. glimpse of forms and bases of terrorism and the role of human and tech intelligence in both controlling or exacerbating it
3. human intelligence and various perspectives on it----international, national, community - civil society and media----with failures and lessons learnt for india
4. technological intelligence perspectives ---lacunaes and suggestions drawn from national and international experience to be applied in india
5. need for harmonious interplay between human and tech intelligence to curb the menace
6. vision for future

wrote about 1200 words


  1. wow...really nice intro to such essay topic!

  2. So beautifully written..I am your fan! :)

  3. You have a great vocabulary.Any suggestions to improve the same in my case?

    1. Vocab doesn't matter much if you ask me. Flowery English doesn't necessarily fetch better marks. Grammatical correctness and substantive coverage do.

  4. Hello Kshitij,
    Did you articulated this intro and conclusion during exam itself or you had a prior memory/framework of these sentences.
    If you have articulated them, kindly share the methodology to give such a finishing.

  5. thank you for sharing the part seems you have a great hold on language....i dont....well i can not write in much ornamental way...would it affect the essay....what would you suggest to improve....?
    i admire the way you write.....