Thursday, May 17, 2012

I wrote the following in response to one of the queries I received with respect to Pubad preparations. These are some general guidelines which I think may be useful for other aspirants as well - 

 1. Restrict your sources and study them repeatedly 2.Use thinkers and their quotes - especially the shorter and catchy ones (the quotes I mean, not the thinkers :p), but don't overdo it 3. Begin your answers well - attract the examiner's attention 4. stick to what is asked, do not go astray 5. do not shy away from using examples from your study of current affairs 6. I made a diagram only in one question (media is parliament of citizens), I wrote in paragraphs and underlined whatever I wanted the examiner to see 7. Write intelligent and mature answers - let them be lucid and readable   8. Take care of the language you are using in your answers - This comes automatically from the humongous amount of reading you are going to do for this exam 9. Longer answers do not necessarily fetch better marks, smarter ones do


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