Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reading The Hindu

I followed "The Hindu" only. Some people may like to follow more than one newspaper but for me it would reduce the RoI (return on investment) since I was hard pressed for time. So instead of reading three papers once, I read one paper thrice! This is how I read the newspaper -

1. First Reading - I would mark the articles to be extracted in whole for their value either in terms of knowledge, language or other significant aspects. I would encircle facts important from the point of two markers.
2. Second Reading - Every Sunday, I would take the week's 7 papers, cut the marked articles and scan them quickly before filing them in a box-file. I would jot down the two markers on a sheet and file it.
3. Third Reading - I revised all the cuttings and two pointers just before the exam - both pre and mains

The advantage that this approach has is that 3 readings allow the filtered out info to settle down in memory. Also, the revision just before exam allowed me to use some excellent facts, figures, case studies, examples and cleverly worded sentences in the exam - be it GS, Essay, Socio or PubAd.

This is how I followed the newspaper.

More to follow....


  1. Really a new and innovative idea I have read after a long time in UPSC Prep . thanks a lot

  2. hi Kshitiz, its really new way to read the newspaper. i earlier would read them on day day but never paid any attention on revising them on weekend. Surely its a gud approach..
    thanks for sharing this.

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  4. Hi Kshitiz...This idea is really smart... and time saving at the last moment... Thank you so much for sharing your valuable methods..

  5. exquisite.................!!!!!!!! thanks for the idea

  6. Glad to be of help. All the best.