Monday, May 14, 2012

Topic-wise sources for PA-1

Administrative Theory
1. Introduction:
Meaning, scope and significance of Public
Administration; ------------------------------------------IGNOU-MA Booklet
Wilson’s vision of Public
Administration;------------------------------------------Prasad & Prasad
Evolution of the discipline
and its present status; ----------------------------------IGNOU, Super 50, Fadia
New Public Administration;----------------------------IGNOU Booklet
Public Choice approach; --------------------------------- Fadia, IGNOU Booklet
of liberalization, Privatisation,
Globalisation; ---------------------------------------------IGNOU, Fadia
Good Governance: concept
and application; ------------------------------------------IGNOU, Fadia
New Public Management.--------------------------------IGNOU, Fadia
2. Administrative Thought:-----------------------------------------------------Prasad & Prasad
3. Administrative Behaviour:------------------------------------------------Stephen Robbins, Fadia
4. Organisations:----------------------------------------------------Fadia, , Super50, Sadana
5. Accountability and control:-------------------------------------,Fadia, Super50, Laxmikanth
6. Administrative Law:----------------------------------- Fadia,  Sharma Sadana(for Dicey’s critique),
7. Comparative Public Administration:-----------------------Fadia, Prasad(for Riggs), Laxmikanth
8. Development Dynamics:-----------------------------------------------Fadia, Super50
9. Personnel Administration:---------------------------------------Fadia
10. Public Policy:----------------------------------------------------IGNOU MA (cursory reading), Mohit Bhattacharya & Fadia for models of policy making, Prasad for thoughts of Dror, IGNOU BA notes probably have this in detail but I skipped them
11. Techniques of Administrative Improvement:----------Fadia, Super50
12. Financial Administration:---------------------------------Fadia

I used a combination of direct revision from the book and making notes for some topics in PA-1. I read and re-read Prasad & Prasad for thinkers; I treated Papers 1 and 2 as an integrated whole and supplemented a lot of topics from PA-1 with PA-2 aspects and vice-versa. (e.g. Fadia for Paper-2 has many topics which are indispensable for paper-1 as well). As with other subjects, I kept a copy of the syllabus and previous years' questions handy for focused study. Also, at the fag end of my prep, I read Super-50 by Shubhra Saxena from cover to cover as a revision aid along with my notes and topics marked in books.


  1. Thanks kshitij...... If possible kindly elaborate the topic wise sources for sociology paper 2 and pub ad paper 2....... You have indeed helped in simplifying and demistifying the entire approach.....I intend to follow your strategy for may upcoming hcs mains exam And hopefully in csm 2012 ...... thanks a ton.....

  2. @ Aman - I am waiting for the marksheet to be released by UPSC. After that, I shall post my strategy on other topics as well. All the best for your exams.

  3. Hi Kshitij

    Can you please put an "outline" of the answers which you wrote in the exam for pub ad ? I want to know if you focused more on simple basics of topic which are given in standard books OR did u try to incorporate current examples, case studies or ARC examples etc. Also did you incorporated Diagram etc in your answers ?


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  5. @ ankur - It has been a while since I touched the books for Pubad, and hence the outline I provide would be seriously lacking in terms of quality. However, some things that need to be kept in mind are - 1. Restrict your sources and study them repeatedly 2.Use thinkers and their quotes - especially the shorter and catchy ones (the quotes I mean, not the thinkers :p), but don't overdo it 3. Begin your answers well - attract the examiner's attention 4. stick to what is asked, do not go astray 5. do not shy away from using examples from your study of current affairs 6. I made a diagram only in one question (media is parliament of citizens), I wrote in paragraphs and underlined whatever I wanted the examiner to see 7. Write intelligent and mature answers - let them me lucid, readable and easy to understand 8. Take care of the language you are using in your answers - This comes automatically from the humongous amount of reading you are going to do for this exam 9. Longer answers do not necessarily fetch better marks, smarter ones do

  6. I had put two comments on your blog just now, but I am not seeing them here ? Did you reserve them for review before publishing publicly or its some technical glitch ?

  7. I think I lost those two comment somehow - ok so I m putting it here my comment again -

    I saw in Essay your command over English language is good ( kind of flowery language ) Did you use it the same way in Pub Ad as well (in intro or conclusion of question or in gs-kind of questions like Media etc) OR was your language simple, basic books kind of language and standard pub ad vocabulary ? I am only referring here to the English language style

  8. I think there is some technical problem - I m putting my 2nd comment again and again but its not showing here. Its a long comment though but generally that should not be a problem .. but don't know how it is happening !

    Kshitij how else can I contact you ?

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  10. Regarding the language, I believe I adapted according to the question and the content that I had in my mind. For example, in the question on media as a parliament of citizens, I began thus -

    Media is an arena of ideas. The most vexing conundrums that our society faces today find an expression in raging media debates......

    In the question on the requirement for giving up incremental changes in administration, I began by invoking Pablo Picasso and S.R. Maheshwari's quotes....

    Value addition is the key to getting better marks. Also, I do have a facility with words and used it to my advantage.

  11. At the outset,please accept my heartiest congratulations on your success and my sincere gratitude for sharing and guiding us, the aspirants.
    My querry is rather simple.When i went to buy fadia and fadia,the shopkeeper showed me two books 1.public administration
    2.indian administration by the same set of writers.So do we require both the books or only the former?

  12. @ kris - thanks for your wishes, and yes, you need both the books - for papers 1 & 2

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  14. sir u havent join any coaching for pub ad... tell us that how u improved ur answer writing for mains ... any test series .... if yes which one ... if no then what is other alternative.....

  15. sir as u told to ask queries here and not on orkut are my queries
    1)what is ur background
    2) sir i have given pre(1st attempt) and very likely ll get selected ... as i m working also ...would u suggest me to leave my job .
    3)havent read a letter of pub ad till now ... should i go for coaching(but i cant study in 500 students)
    4) if no coaching ... who will clear the doubts when they will arrive?

  16. sir .. as you know its a high time ... when our one decision will make or break our chances of getting a rank in CSE.. so please advice

  17. @ A - I am a mechanical engineer from IIT Kharagpur working in scientific cadre group A service in central govt. I took two months leave before mains which I think is necessary for focused preparation. PA can be easily done through self study - most books are very lucid and then there is the internet to clear any doubts if they crop up.

  18. thank u sir for ur reply
    I have one more doubt .... how to read the books mentioned by u .... i mean only reading ... or some reading + thinking .. and moreover how to do it??

  19. because the thing is ... padhta har koi hai sir ..lekin kaise padhna hai ye pata hona bahut jaroori hai ... please throw some light

  20. keep a compendium of previous ten years' questions divided topicwise by your side - read each topic, and try to make a brief skeletal structure of the answers to those questions...thats something that i did in PA-1 I just made notes for each topic....notes should contain important elements that you would like to remember in the exam hall....when a related question is asked

  21. but ..shouldnt that be done after completing the syllabus once ... how to approach books in the first time was my ques :)

  22. Read, think, that very order! The questions will cajole you to opine/elucidate - that is when you will build further on what you've already read and noted

  23. i hv opted for socio n pub ad as optionals. m new to the said subjects n finding it difficult to come to term with the vast syllabus.i hv read many blogs n i m nw in a dilemma. hv few qnts..
    1)is Upendra Gaur's n Mahapatra sir's notes available with the xerox shop needed for socio prep.?
    2) do i need to buy vajiram's notes for GS or Pub ad?
    3) any insti or teacher dat u recommend? i really dont want to waste money on mushrooming coaching classes.

  24. @unknown - I neither attended any coaching nor did I refer to any coaching notes, so can't help you there mate. For GS, Vajiram's yellow books are released before mains and are useful.

  25. sir u have given in detail the books for each sub topic.Sir u zeroed down on these books reading them whole or someone recommend them to u.
    The more direct question is should we read all books and then see what suits us .. or follow this list.

  26. @anonymous - you should read the books that suit your taste. I discarded most of the books that are recommended by many and zeroed in on these sources after much deliberation. Mr. Anay Dwivedi had recommended Fadia, and I found it extremely relevant, so followed it. There is no one booklist or one strategy for getting good marks - there are many.

  27. SIR...can u plz tell me how u cote example...and can u plzz give sum sample answer for better understanding..

  28. @aditi - I've been out of touch with studies since Mains (November-2011) and therefore may not be very helpful with model answers. Quoting examples needs no special approach - just the relevance to the question needs to be kept in mind.

  29. Any idea which IGNOU MA and BA booklets one must read?

  30. Also cud u plz let me know which ARC reports to read or nt! ( me a fellow iitian from kanpur :)

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  32. @endeavourist - read IGNOU MA booklets for Pubad - there are 8 in totality and you'll have to read portions that are relevant as per the syllabus. Similarly, for ARC reports, you'll know which ones are important after you've been through the syllabus and previous years' questions. For example, the ones on personnel administration, financial administration, etc. are among the important ones.

  33. Hi Khitij,
    Thanks for valuable blog and congratulations for your success.
    i would like to know your subject wise timetable. It will help me to plan accordingly.
    I'm also working in IT so needed your input

    Thanks and regards

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  35. hello sir,

    thanks a lot for taking your time out to answer the queries.

    could you please question numbers that you attempted in the last yr's paper. this would help me to choose the kind of questions.

    i will just give pointers to the question just to help you recognize them.

    Q2. minnowbrook1,2,3
    Q3.downs model
    Q4.Delegated legisaltion
    Q6. Riggs and weidner
    Q7.paul appleby's , Dror's optimal model
    Q8.O and M

    Q4.Police reforms
    Q7.holding company
    Q8.Disaster insurance

    pls just type yes or no infront of them and the sources which helped you attempt that particular question.

    Thanks a lot sir.


    1. paper-1 - q2 - fadia
      q6 - fadia, prasad
      q7 - fadia, prasad
      plus compulsory qns 1 and 5

      q2 - fadia
      q3 - newspaper
      q6 - newspaper
      plus compulsory qns 1 and 5

    2. i may have referred to other sources for different parts of the same qn not given above

    3. Thanks a lot sir

  36. Did you practise answer writing for socio and pub ad or you paid more emphasis on revising your notes? what was your style of writing in exam?

    1. I didn't practise answer writing but created thought frameworks for questions asked in previous years. My emphasis in exam was on content, structure, precision and language.

  37. can u plzz share sum answer and style of writing..
    how u put example on it..plzzz share it

    1. I have been out of touch with studies since November, 2011. However, I shall soon upload my notes which cover some of the topics.

    2. thanku and plzz upload ur notes as soon as possible

  38. hi kshitij I m also from IIT kharagpur
    n trying civil with same subjects....Can I have your contact information (mail/mobile)

  39. can u plz analysis pub ad paper 1...which topic are important and cum this yr plzzz...its a gr8 help from ur side..

    1. I gave importance to every topic in the syllabus.

  40. sir can u suggest me any online coaching classes for pub a medico..feeling hard to atteng coaching classes

    1. I do not advise any coaching for Pub Ad. I didn't attend any.

  41. very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)

  42. sir u have mentioned fadia and fadia,prasad and prasad,stephen robin,sharma sadana.
    pls write full name of these book ihave doubt bcs other books are also avilable of fadia,sharma etc.